SPPARC is a renowned London based studio of architects, designers and thinkers. Our design philosophies are innovative, yet pragmatic with a fluid style.

SPPARC is a renowned London based studio of architects, designers and thinkers. Our design philosophies are innovative, yet pragmatic with a fluid style that recognises that each project brief and its context are unique for which we have been the recipient of industry accolade and awards.

30% Senior Team
70% Studio Team

55% UK
45% International

55% Women
45% Men

15% Lucys
85% Other Names


Founded by Trevor Morriss in 2007, we have an exciting portfolio of completed and live projects across a multiple of sectors in the UK and around the world.

Our success in securing high value planning approvals in sensitive locations is well recognised.  We are proud of our reputation and the talented individuals that collectively and consistently deliver for our clients and our collaborators through a thorough understanding of creative, sustainable design and executed detail inspired by our continual pursuit of excellence.

We are told our clients choose us for our high-quality architecture which is grounded with commercial sensitivity and a deliverable reality.  The contractor fraternity like us for our proven thoughtful attention to meticulous practical details.  These are rare and powerful combinations.

From the outset of the design process, SPPARC enhance the opportunities for design by releasing each projects potential to its fullest and creating higher value unlocked by our curiosity to push the boundaries of the brief.

We are selective in the projects that we undertake to ensure that we provide the exemplar service our clients expect.  All SPPARC’s projects are informed by the way people interact and reflect the importance of the architecture and interior fabric that surrounds them to be socially relevant in our changing world.

We enjoy working across varying scales to create buildings, masterplans, interiors, landscaped places and object design.  Project values range from £250,000 to £500 million encompassing all stages of the RIBA work plan.

We consider it a great privilege to be in an industry where the outcome effects the environment that we live in.  The work that we create is taken very seriously but with an essential blend of humour.  Sustainability is vital to our design process, ensuring that we have a positive influence on the world around us.

The strong ethos of SPPARC is that creativity should live and breathe in an environment where everyone is encouraged, respected and supported – hence a wonderful SPPARC family has been born! Ideas are shared, and skills are developed in a space where the learning never stops – no matter the level of experience.

There is an excited energy and buzz to the studio and workshop which is nurtured on a daily basis to uphold the unique quality of SPPARC.

Trevor Morriss, Principal

Trevor is a renowned figure in the industry, he has lectured extensively and is a Board Trustee at the Architectural Association.

Founding SPPARC in 2007, the practice is known for its signature buildings, the studio enjoys working across varying scales to create buildings, masterplans, interiors and product design.

Trevor has always taken an unconventional approach to his architectural career which began at the age of 17 when he had the opportunity to design his first building in Shad Thames, London.

After seven years at JLL, Trevor became a partner at Stanley Peach and Partners at the age of 30. Out of Stanley Peach and Partners grew SPPARC in 2007.

Spearheaded by Trevor, SPPARC embodies a fresh, creative culture, thriving off of constant challenges and evolving design principles. Refusing to subscribe to a ‘house style’, the practice takes a fresh and innovative approach to each project, recognising that no one context is the same. In that sense it could be said that its house style is to create an innovative and contextual response to each site. Even in cases where it has two projects on the same street, they never look the same.

Trevor Morriss

Amit Doshi, Director

Amit Doshi

Grant Fague, Director

Grant Fague

Simon Evans
Technical Director

Georgia Katsaouni
Associate Director

David Mathewson
Associate Director

Lucy Holmes
Associate Director

Ben Salter
Associate Director

Bryan Ratzlaff
Associate Director

Monika Doszla-Marsh
Associate Director

Lucia Seco Bartolomé
Associate Director