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A world stage of innovation for over 130 years, Olympia is being re-imagined as London’s Arts, Entertainment and Exhibition District:  SPPARC are creating in collaboration with Heatherwick Studio an experiential showcase of the future of art and music, food and entertainment, exhibition and culture, commerce and innovation.


Acting as lead architect for the planning and implementation stages of the project, this is our first major design collaboration and we are delighted to be working with the team at Heatherwick Studio.

The £1bn project received planning approval by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in January 2019.
The site contains a number of listed buildings: Grand Hall and Pillar Hall (Grade II*) and National Hall, Central and MSCP (Grade II).
Working within the constraints and opportunities of the Listed Assets, the proposals envisage a diverse cultural hub for London with public and green space that will deliver significant public realm improvements and increase permeability throughout the site.
At a time of intense competition, this is an unequivocal opportunity to set Olympia London apart on the global stage with supporting uses to the exhibition business by forging a leading role as a centre for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the UK by providing a wealth of new spaces and uses to support this vision.
Recognising the Victorian vision for Olympia, the proposals facilitate the district to return to its origins as a ‘People’s Palace’ by creating spaces for performing arts, restaurants, cinemas, green space and community-led projects. This builds on Olympia’s legacy of championing the arts – from once being a popular concert venue, to hosting Vivienne Westwood’s first fashion show.
The masterplan will make Olympia more open to its community and visitors by providing public spaces, routes and landscaping that will bring enjoyment to local residents and the public, regardless of whether they have a ticket for the exhibition halls.

The new multi-functionality of Olympia will ensure that the site retains the flagship programme of world-famous shows and events, whilst also becoming a destination in its own right.
More than an exhibition and events destination for inspirational events, the masterplan will transform Olympia by combining heritage, innovation and bespoke experiences within a series of new open green spaces.
The piecemeal development of London Olympia has resulted in a site which is disconnected from the surrounding area. The Olympia site is currently closed off at the boundary and does not engage with its neighbours. The Olympia site is currently only accessible to the public by purchasing a ticket to an event or by visiting the only restaurant on site.
The proposal seeks to remedy this issue by allowing Olympia to reconnect with its neighbours and giving the public access to the site. By opening up the site, Olympia will become a dynamic vibrant place for the local community and all who visit.

Opening the Estate

Removing Traffic & Congestion
A new covered logistics centre servicing of the Olympia London events business will be contained within the site at ground and basement levels.
Servicing and deliveries to Olympia will now be dealt with on site, therefore reducing the disturbance to local residents.
New underground parking facilities and traffic management systems will also help improve exhibition congestion within the local area.
Olympia Way
A newly pedestrianised Olympia Way will turn a vehicle-dominated space, into a high-quality pedestrianised environment. This new street will provide a safe and pleasant route for both local residents and visitors to Olympia London.
The street will contain a mix of uses including shops and cafés which will be open to the public all year round. This piece of public realm will be a vibrant and active hub for the local community.
New Elevated Level 2 Public Realm
A new level 2 public realm will run through the heart of the site, allowing access from Olympia Way, along an elevated deck, to the west end of Hammersmith Road. This new route offers greater connectivity through the site as well as access to a number of public squares and green spaces.
At the heart of this new public realm is a new glass canopy and garden with a mezzanine level offering unprecedented views of the historic exhibition halls.

Local Community

The proposal welcomes the community into Olympia London. The design team has been working with local community groups to better understand the needs of the community and to deliver a proposal with provision for local initiatives and charities on site.

The site will provide a range of attractions to appeal to a broader section of the public. As well as improving the existing event facilities, Olympia London will now offer new cultural venues including a cinema, a theatre and music venue plus 2 new hotels and exciting commercial workspaces.