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Goetheplatz Frankfurt


‘The desire of knowledge is first stimulated in us when remarkable phenomena attract our attention…’
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Theory of Colours


The proposed building seeks to recreate Goethe’s experiments of colour formation through architectural mass – simple objects, vessels, prisms and the like will be defined in the physical form and facade of the building that when penetrated by the sun throughout the various stages of the day (or artificial light source at night) will produce rainbow colour phenomena that will reflect on the surfaces of the Goetheplatz and down Goethesstrasse stimulating and encouraging movement towards and into the building.

From the philosopher, we have traced the phenomena of colours to their first sources, to the circumstances under which they appear and are, and beyond which no further explanation respecting them is possible.
Through the beauty and sweep of his conjectures regarding the connection between colour and philosophical ideas – Goethe suggests that colour influences our emotional reactions and can be replicated through his triangular theories.
The colour affects will be stunning and each will seduce visitors to the source that will commercially attract potential retailers and office occupiers.
The proposed building is a celebration of colour, light, excitement and an internationally recognized landmark utilising geometry in the plan form to reinforce the concept yet facilitating a flexible layout of efficiency.
The shape of the building has been carefully modelled and therefore moulded to relate and challenge the formal setting whilst having a relationship and dialogue with its immediate environs sitting remarkably comfortably with the existing street pattern adding an unforeseen quality to a site that has commanded a significant gesture for too long.


The site is a difficult entity to treat with the inherent restrictions of the surrounding properties – these are not uncommon but in very few undeveloped locations is there such an exciting opportunity to not only solve the disarray of the site but to create a piece of stunning architecture in a heritage setting.
The proposed scheme contributes to the important Frankfurt retail and commercial quarter and addresses social and sustainable issues.
The location of the site and its connectivity into the pedestrian and vehicular pattern are seductive ingredients in justifying the creation of an architectural statement of merit and a landmark.


The beauty of the proposed form is its seeming complexity basically comprising of two components, the lower level podium articulating the street frontages and uniting the site into its neighbours with stone and glass detailing the second element being the elegant prisms of the central form articulating the façade majestically on its lower setting like a jewel stone in a precious ring.